Color in Web Design

Because it is a visual medium, color is extremely important in web design. In fact, according to a study by Quicksprout, up 90% of a user’s decision to buy a product or service is due to color!

Without going too deeply into the psychology of color theory, the most important consideration is to consider your brand and consider your audience. If you want to explore the psychology, ConceptDrop has a great article.

Color and Your Brand

If you have already developed the color scheme of your brand, use it for your website. If you are still developing your brand, it is important to select colors that help to present your brand “personality.” 

At this point it is also important to consider your target audience. Studies have been done that Stanford professor Jennifer L. Aaker found that there are five core dimensions to branding with color:

  • Sincerity
  • Excitement
  • Confidence
  • Sophistication
  • Ruggedness

Whatever feelings you are trying to inspire, it is important to build a color scheme that is harmonious.

Building Harmony in Color

Whether you are attempting to energize your audience or inspire confidence, it is still important to build a balanced color story: one that is not off-putting to your audience.

Color theory dictates that certain colors “go together” better than others. If you haven’t studied color theory, there are tools online that can help you select colors that are harmonious. 

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