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Improving Site Links In Google Ads

Learn how to get the most out of your Google Ads with these best site link practices.

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Bridget Cotton
Social Media Coordinator

I’m going to be presenting about Improving Site Links in Google Ads. For  those of you who aren’t familiar with Google Ads or site links – no worries – as we go through the slides I’m going to give you a little bit of an introduction to both. So please view the video for the most information.

Google Ads are paid advertisements on google and they’ve got a bunch of different uses and possibilities really depending on what your marketing strategy is for your business. They can create brand awareness or boost brand awareness. They can highlight a products increase in store traffic or increase website traffic. This is a really valuable tool but every Google ad has three main parts:

  • Your headline
  • Your description 
  • Your site links 

Tonight we will focus on site links because that’s what’s going to increase your click-through rates on your website, as well as create increased conversions while, at the same time, getting a higher ranking for you on your google ads.

Site  links site links are hyperlinks that connect you straight from the google ad to specific pages on your website.  In the example ad, when I Google “bike sales near me,” it brought up Dick’s Sporting Goods and Dick’s was kind enough to have these really incredible site links at the bottom that are descriptive: they tell you exactly where you’re gonna go and what kind of product you’re gonna get once you get there. This makes the ad really relevant. They did a really great job boosting this google ad and making it optimized for what they’re trying to get done.

The biggest thing to remember when dealing with Google is that Google’s main job is to connect consumers with what they’re searching for with the most relevant sites and relevant information to their search. However, relevant site links aren’t necessarily enough.  Google really takes into consideration the entire user experience– from the time they click on your ad to when they hit your page- and beyond. Even though you might be getting a lot of really great click-throughs, and getting a lot of traffic on your website,  Google is going to look at:

  • Do you have a high bounce rate 
  • Do you have are people actually spending time on your website and 
  • Users are not spending time on the page
  • Are people hitting your website and immediately leaving? 

They’re going to take that into consideration by lowering the rank of your Google Ad 

What makes a good site link?

  •  it’s got to be relevant to your ad and to the sites you’re sending people to 
  • it’s got to be clear and descriptive it’s about good communication with your customer and 
  • it’s got to lead to a healthy landing page 

What makes for a healthy landing page? 

  • Fast loading speeds 
  • Relevant information
  • The user can easily navigate the page 

All of these tips, and the content of Brad’s main presentation on site health will give you a little more clue to how to boost site health and boost your Google Ads.

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