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Kennedy Marshall

Use Short Videos to Engage Your Audience

Looking for great ways to engage your audience in your social media? 

Sharing short videos across your social media platforms creates opportunities for more reach and shares. Videos stimulate interest and are a naturally-engaging mode of communicating.

Here are five ways to make short videos to capture customers’ attention.

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Kennedy Marshal
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Why Short Videos?

Why are short videos so popular? Short videos are easy to keep up with. Their short format needs minimum attention and molds to our busy lives- not to mention they are entertaining to watch!  Because users consume their social media platforms on the go, the shorter the better.

From the minute Instagram was able to add videos, marketers began to take advantage of the power of short videos and their ability to promote products and services. Ever since videos have become available on all social media platforms, there has been a hustle of editing creative videos produced by brands.  

A large variety and range of video content can be streamed on multiple platforms: face-to-face talks, promotional ads, tutorials, unboxings/product reviews, and even podcasts. There’s an opportunity for anyone and everyone to make and post videos. They can be any length—15-second stories, 1-minute videos, and longer (although we recommend keeping them bite-sized). 

You can post your videos on almost any social media platform – Instagram is a natural, Facebook allows videos in a wide range of lengths, Pinterest allows you to “pin” videos on your inspirational boards, and Tik Tok-the latest social media sensation.

Five ideas for your social media videos:

Show how to do something

Demonstrate a product or service that you offer. For example, an Instagram Influencer known as Iluvsarahii, demonstrates all things beauty, makeup, and hairstyle!

Solve a problem or challenge with your product

Short videos are a great way to show off your product or service by solving a problem through an example. AKA video! Videos show your audience the product and how it works in action.

Beeswrap is a reusable food wrap brand that focuses on limiting single-use plastic. They posted a short clip of the wrap being used to store food with the caption, “As the seasons change, so do we! Let’s start by remembering our reusables when we head out for the day — every small change matters.”

Showcase an event

Events are great ways to showcase a celebration, product launch, a speaker, and plenty more! Short videos of events get views and promote future events. This prompts people who are attending the upcoming event to share with their friends and spread awareness. They show people what they can expect when attending!

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Reveal a new product

Social media can be your best friend when it comes to sharing new products! Short videos allow you to create teasers to keep people interested. Beauty influencers often show short clips of new makeup palettes that they’re launching. Short videos are a great way to promote your products as well as let your audience ask questions that you can answer in real-time.

Dyson reveals the latest hair dryer with a short clip of the product and a caption that states, “See how our engineers use lasers to precision engineer the Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer #dysonhair.”

Go behind the scenes

Behind the scene clips show your customers the people behind the products. Show an event you’re attending, give them a tour of your office space, or show off the laid back and fun side of your job. This complements showing them your products. Your audience gets a better sense of who you are as a company and not just what you sell.

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Making videos is easy

You can make your videos with your phone. You may want to edit your raw video; here are some simple editing tools you can use: iMovie, Tezza, YouTube Studio, and Pics Art

So what video ideas come to mind? How are you going to engage with your audience through the power of short videos? Chat with us below any ideas that may come to mind!