California Clear Stamp

Project Brief

California Clear Stamp is an industry leader in the clear stamp manufacturing industry. Clear stamps are widely used in crafting, scrapbooking and journaling. California Clear Stamp needed a redesign of their existing website, which looked dated and was not responsive for mobile viewing. Additionally, they wanted their website to support the ordering process for their customers.

Client project on imac
ipad version of site


The challenge with this site was to provide a look and feel that would appeal to CCS’s customer base of artists while providing the necessary information to assist and encourage users with placing orders.

Cal Clear Stamp needed to provide a great deal of information about both their product and their ordering process in an organized, cohesive manner.


For this project we built a user experience that was whimsical and engaging while providing CCS’s customer base with all of the tools they need to get their projects started. By carefully considering the information that needed to be communicated for each page, we made the site easy to navigate, improving the user’s overall experience. We also built an ordering system which allows file uploads, streamlining the ordering process for Cal Clear Stamp and their clientele.

mobile version of site

Project Highlights

Designed with the User in Mind

custom illustrations
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  • Custom illustrations mimic the stamps that CCS manufactures
  • Customized buttons and graphics provide visual engagement
  • Animated elements add visual interest and engagement
  • Site design mimics the industry Cal Clear Stamp serves

Pages Built to be Scanned

Tabbed Layout on Resource Page provides efficient display of lots of information while not overwhelming the user. It is built to be scannable.

tabbed table present info efficiently
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Whimsical Design

screen grab from client website
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California Clear Stamps manufactures clear stamps for the scrapbooking industry. With this in mind, we created a whimsical website that echoes the look and feel of scrapbooking project. 

Online Ordering

  • Online ordering system
  • Easy and secure file uploads of artwork
  • Step-by-step instructions for the ordering process